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Village of Warsaw hopes to establish tree board

WARSAW, N.Y. – The Village of Warsaw will be holding a public hearing to vote on a Tree Law and the establishment of the Village of Warsaw Tree Board.

The meeting will be held at the Warsaw Hall on Monday, March 20, 2023, at 8 p.m.

According to a press release, the Village of Warsaw Tree Board was created by Green Warsaw, an organization founded this year with the purpose of creating a village tree board to fund and manage the replacement of trees throughout the village.

This board is to act as an advisory committee to the Village Board.

“Creation of a Village Tree Board will allow for a managed approach to replacement of missing trees with healthy, diverse saplings. Once created, the Tree Board will take steps for Warsaw to become an Arbor Day Tree City.  Our eventual goal is a Village beautified by healthy trees on every street,” the press release states.

In addition to beautifying the village, the press release also explains that trees are beneficial to the community by providing shade and acting as a sound and windy break.

“Trees prevent soil erosion, help capture water runoff, cool urban heat islands, and provide habitats for wildlife.  Unfortunately, disease and pests have contributed to the loss of many trees in our village over time,” the press release reads.

Green Warsaw has already applied for an initial $1,000 grant to fund an Arbor Day Celebration, which will occur on Friday, April 28. During the celebration, the first two trees will be planted in Warsaw Village Park.

“Green Warsaw would like to thank the Village of Perry Tree Board, and member Dr. Daniel Zerbe, for invaluable advice and aid given toward the establishment of a Warsaw Tree Board,” the press release states.

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